About US

Trent is the Director and coach of Perform Cycling Pty. Ltd.


He is a passionate advocate for the sport of cycling and all the amazing benefits that it can bring - socially, mentally and physically. At the heart of Perform Cycling is the belief that support, communication and education delivers results for an individual, these are principles that underpin all Perform Cycling training programs.


Possessing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education and completing a doctoral degree in Human Movement, Trent has developed a range of independent research skills, including the dissemination and application of recent published scientific research. In addition to these skills Trent has had over 15 years experience in the design of sport, physical activity and fitness programs for individuals of all ages. 


More recently his passion and focus on the sport of cycling and belief of evidence-based practice has led to the creation of Perform Cycling Pty Ltd.