12-week 'Base' Training Program

Base or foundation training is characterised primarily by the following inter-dependent characteristics: increasing volume and low-intensity. Importantly, as with most other training programs the principles of training intensity, duration, frequency, overload, specificity, individuality, diminishing returns, variety, maintenance and detraining should be considered and planned for when programs are developed.


The program

Briefly the 12-week Base training program takes an athlete from around 6 hours a week on the road during the first month to approximately 12-15 hours per week during the final 4 weeks of the base program.


Weeks 1-4 Low to medium intensity aerobic endurance riding;

Weeks 5-8 – Increasing endurance with some additional development of other physiological components, e.g muscular endurance

Weeks 5-9 – Increasing endurance (both sessions, distance/time) as well as some additional development of muscular endurance.

12-week 'Base' Training Program