What clients say about Perform Cycling


"Focused, efficient, goal oriented and effective, Perform Cycling’s coaching programs are a perfect combination if you are focused on reaching a goal. Using initial baseline testing and ongoing monitoring each session has a focus and targets to match, all ultimately building the strength, endurance and power needed to achieve your set goal. Trent’s tailored program played an important part in assisting me to qualify for the Australian Masters Cycling Team at the UCI Qualifier in Lorne last September. This success has been incredibly satisfying and I look forward reaching the next level of performance with Trent & the Perform Cycling Team."

- Judith

"A little over 6 months ago I decided to try and improve my cycling. My form and performance had plateaued and I was getting frustrated. I asked Trent to help. I set myself 2 goals that I wanted to achieve and Trent from Perform Cycling designed a program that fit around my life, my family and the time I had available. I have reached and surpassed my targets and I am rapt. 


- David

"Fabulous stuff and you do great work Trent Brown."


- R.P.